mnmlist: When we started ‘going forward’ that’s when we started going backwards…

Following up on Astrolabe‘s vlog on irritating words, here is author Joseph O’Connor‘s thoughts on ‘going forward’ (with a few sideswipes at ‘strategic’ and ‘issues’ along the way).

Originally broadcast on RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime on 29th April. Funny, no? He does this every week. And he’s Sinéad’s brother (small country this).

My bugbear words and phrases include sophomore to mean ‘second’, as abused by music journalists: ‘Lady GaGa’s sophomore effort should [insert machine gun noise]…'; proactive and to be quite honest with you (if it occurs more than once in a continuous flow of sentences).

By contrast, I do enjoy me some LOLspeak and I am fully aware of how annoying this is for the adults around me as I sometimes forget that they are unable to see the accompanying images of surprised owls that are playing in my head.  O RLY? 

In the meantime, why not print out this game of Boardroom Bingo to enjoy at your next session of blue-sky thinking? It  will align your strategic objectives going forward and encourage you to be more proactive and future-proof your core competencies.