mnmlist: Surprise Olympic Breakout Hit: Public Enemy ‘Harder Than You Think’

So much effort being pumped into the music at the London 2012 Olympics. Apart from the stunning Underworld-curated Opening Ceremony and the mixed bag that was the Closing Ceremony, there were also five official Olympics tracks, plenty of acts attempting to unofficially get some action and various pieces used in TV coverage. The two compilation albums from the ceremonies have been selling well, but there has been no breakout track despite all that effort.

No breakout track until now.

Who would have thought that an under-performing 2007 single from a pretty unheralded album by Public Enemy would be the piece of music that the UK has latched onto?

Used in Channel 4’s promotional clips (‘Meet the Superhumans‘) for the Paralympics, ‘Harder Than You Think’ has been creeping up the UK Top 75 and has already become Public Enemy’s biggest hit. As the Paralympics kick off today, the track is on course for the upper regions of the Top 10 on Sunday.