mnmlist: The Week in Social: Facebook being cheeky, disrupting education and your dog’s Twitter account

Facebook extracting the urine for businesses? Facebook Thumbs Down

If you have noticed a drop off in engagement on your Facebook business page, you’re not imagining it. Facebook offer you the chance to pay for your updates to reach your audience, but is it worth it? Simply Zesty ran an experiment and conclude that ‘Facebook is completely and utterly taking the piss’.

Something Is Really Rotten With Facebook’s News Feed For Brands [Simply Zesty]

The most popular Tweet of all time

Over 800,00 retweets and 270,000 favourites at the time of writing.

Education next to be ‘disrupted’

Online education is nothing new, but EdX, a MIT-Harvard initiative, reckon it’s ‘the next industry ripe for a major “disruption”.

The two US education powerhouses are investing $60 million in their MOOC (‘massive online open course’) and hope to reach a billion students online.

The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years [MIT Technology Review]

Nate Silver and the Big Data #win Image of Nate Silver

Florida hasn’t been called yet, but it’s going to go to Obama. We’ve learned this week to trust the number crunching skills of Nate Silver, ‘America’s new nerd boyfriend’, who correctly predicted the outcome from every other state despite his methods being dismissed by pundits as ‘voodoo statistics’.

Nate Silver: America’s new nerd boyfriend []

Does your dog need a Twitter account?


The best social media advice you never hear [Lifehack]