mnmlist: The Week in Social: #Savita, war on Twitter, and ‘It’s Thanksgiving’

As Lord McAlpine’s legal team set its sights on potentially thousands of Twitter users, we social media citizens have much to think about. Business as usual then.

Here’s a few other stories from the week in Social.

Israeli Defence Forces and Hamas in Twitter fight

Israel this week began an operation on Gaza, beginning with the death of the head of Hamas’ military wing. The IDF has provided a running commentary on Twitter. We clearly live in unusual times.

(via Guardian)

“I will not be inviting anyone to this backward country”

Postcards have been distributed by the Irish tourist board to households to invite people back to Ireland for 2013’s Gathering. It now looks like many of these will instead be sent to government officials to protest at the ambiguity surrounding the legal status of abortion in Ireland which apparently led to the unnecessary death of a young woman in Galway last month.

The Gathering and Savita

Customers do not want social service; they want their pizza…

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Frank Eliason, Global Director of Social Media for Citibank, is not terribly surprised that businesses get flamed on social media. Much like customer service in general, he reckons ‘social media customer service is a complete failure’.

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With the turkey (ey!). And mashed potatoes (ey!). We we we are gonna have a good time

In a completely shameless attempt to emulate the, um, success of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’, Ark Music Factory has given the world Nicole Westbrook’s ‘It’s Thanksgiving’.

I wrote – far too earnestly – about the significance of ‘Friday’ when I made it #6 in my Top 40 of 2011. Ms Westbrook’s work, despite its similar success virally, is unlikely to get as much thought.

Happy 60th Birthday, UK Music Charts

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Sixty years ago on Wednesday, the first singles chart was published in Britain. The BBC asked some kids for their verdict of the songs in the first Top 10 (not good). They also asked some rather older folk for their feelings about the current Top 10 – good news for Robbie Williams and Swedish House Mafia.

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