mnmlist: The Week in Social: Movember, Teen Prodigies and #susanalbumparty

The Week in Social 23 Nov 2012

Movember is nearly done

Enda's Mo on Instagram

Enda’s Mo on Instagram

A textbook perfect example of how to use social effectively, Movember is almost over.

My mo (above) may not be the lustrous face foliage I had aspired to, but no matter, I’ll be taking part again in the 10K Mo Run this Sunday in Greenwich. As with Keith, who has been blogging and tweeting his little legs off as he charted his progress. He’s almost at £1,500 for charity – care to tip him over the target?

Susan Boyle is having a party

SuBo’s Twitter people reckoned we would be interested in joining her for #susanalbumparty and boy, were they right. They hastily changed the hashtag to the far less exciting #SusanAlbumParty within minutes, but delightfully saw the funny side.

Standing Ovation (stop giggling you at the back) is out now.

Gina Bianchin’s Top 5 TED Talks

Gina Bianchini

Via Mashable

Co-founder of Ning, Gina Bianchin chooses five of her favourite Ted Talks. I wonder what her favourite Onion Talks are?

via Mashable

Self-Taught Teen Prodigy From Sierra Leone Wows MIT Engineers

“The 15-year-old is a self-taught engineer, who has never taken an engineering or electronics class. Combining scrap metal, baking soda and acid, he created a battery to power his family’s home. He also broadcasts news and music as DJ Focus on the radio, using an RF transmitter he created.”

via Mashable (HT to Llanor)

“I’m glad I’m not dead”

“What is the opposite of a perfect storm? That is what this was, one of those rare moments when the world seems to shed all shyness and display every possible permutation of beauty.”

Touching piece on appreciating just being alive.

(via New York Times)


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