mnmlist: The Week in Social: Are you jumping off bridges with friends or doing the Harlem Shake?

xkcd jump off bridge

Should you jump off a bridge if all your friends did?

The Pope ‘pulls a Bowie’ and kickstarts the week in style with a shock announcement. Social media loves a good surprise with the event getting millions of mentions within hours.  Benedict’s boss wasn’t terribly happy either. All of this rather overshadowed Madonna’s proper embracing of Instagram.

You should be blogging. If an accountancy firm in London can see an increase in website traffic of 383%, then it’s time to get scribbling. Meanwhile, copywriter Alaistaire Allday reckons you shouldn’t be distracted by the ‘narcissists’ that shout loudest online, you still need to look for quality when hiring a freelancer.

Mentioned in that article is People Per Hour, where freelancers claim that they can do things like update your social media platforms for a week for £20 or translate 250 words from Chinese to English in an hour for £15. Similarly, you can get yourself a girlfriend on Facebook for as little as $5 a week.

Swings and roundabouts for Blackberry. Their Z10 continues to generate good vibes but their newly-appointed ‘Global Creative Director’ Alicia Keys appeared to naughtily tweet from her iPhone this week. The rogue tweet was supposedly the work of ‘hackers’.

It seems to be Fashion Week here in London every other fortnight. Expect more iPads at the shows as the industry has embraced Fashion GPS [iOS, free with Radar account] to look after all that pesky admin [Mashable]. It’s too soon to tell if the supposed iWatch will also turn heads, but let’s not forget that Pebble has raised a fortune on Kickstarter.

It might actually be a good idea to jump off a bridge if all your friends do, but this week it seems we’re more likely to be making ‘Harlem Shake’ videos with our friends than bridge hopping. Also about to ‘go large’ in the UK is Petula Clark’s beautiful ‘Cut Copy Me’ (check my Top 50 of 2012). Here’s a breezy house remix if you’d like something nicer to shake to.

See you in seven.


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