mnmlist: The Week in Social: Tweet after Death, BT’s London panorama and a stunning anti-bullying video

BT London Gigapixel PanoramaBT released an astonishing 320-gigapixel panorama of London. Apparently, if this were a physical image, it would be ‘almost as large as Buckingham Palace‘. Thankfully some trees stop you from peering into our living room (others may not be so lucky). It’s funny how very peaceful the megacity seems…

“When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting, welcome to your social afterlife,” offers LivesOn which will allow a ‘you’ to continue tweeting after you die. Services such as this and DeadSocial may be the contemporary equivalent of leaving letters to be opened after you die, but they also prompt interesting ethical (and legal) questions, but “in the cold light of day, it is a very conceited thing to do,” says one lady who wishes to keep her digital self ‘alive’.

Things going viral this week include the usual silliness like the washing machine Harlem Shake, a hair tutorial going awry and a TOTES ADORBS squeaking frog. I do enjoy the glorious, guileless absurdity that the internetz throws up but sometimes ‘Marketing’ sucks the life out of a thing. Case in point: after Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked, brands started hacking themselves. *sigh*

If ridiculous marketing nonsense sometimes makes you despair for humankind, have a look at this rather more uplifting, useful and indeed beautiful use of social media.

To This Day’ is a ‘collaborative volunteer effort [to] demonstrate what a community of caring individuals are capable of when they come together’. Animators and motion artists were invited to submit 20 second segments that were combined over a poem by Shane Koyczan to make the stunning video.

See you in seven.


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