mnmlist: The Week in Social: Vine gets better, Icona Pop hit No. 1, smell like a London postcode and sneaky Gmail tips.

Meet a ‘professional Viner’, smell like a London postcode and find out how that ‘I Love It’ song took a year to reach No. 1 in the UK.

Gmail Hacks Vine improvements Climate Change InfographicReports of Vine’s death have been greatly exaggerated. How quickly things move in the social media sphere. Just days after predicting the death of Vine, pundits are now raving about its resurrection with the addition of channels.  Techcrunch find a delighted, um, Viner:

I recently spoke to Meagan Cignoli, a professional Viner who makes her living making stop-animation videos for various brands on the platform, who explained that she was truly hoping for Vine categories so that others can be discovered as she was. She now has over 200,000 followers, as opposed to a measly 10,000 on Instagram, which she claims has to do with Instagram’s lack of options to rise to popularity.

Let’s add ‘professional Viner’ to the list of careers that one’s parents would most likely disapprove of.

I don’t care; I love it. As all musicians are too aware, you have to do a lot more these days to get through all of the noise to reach an audience. Popjustice charts the convoluted, and not all entirely planned, route that Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’ has taken to reach the top spot on this week’s UK Singles Chart. Budding charttoppers should note each of these 28 steps, but most especially the first one.

Want to smell like a London postcode? Well, supposedly the area across the road in EC2 is ‘inspired by the historical financial area of the City and the rejuventated East End’ and is therefore ‘lime, lemon, grapefruit and juniper berry’. I would have thought the stench of wealth with a faint whiff of fish, but hey. SE1, N6 and W1X are also available.

Gmail hacks that are actually (mostly) useful. No. 3 on this list of Gmail hacks from Buzzfeed (!) is a piece of wonderfulness if you want some evidence of shenanigans from naughty event promoters (who said they wouldn’t pass on your email to address to anyone and suddenly you’re getting unsolicited messages from ropey old clubs and then getting text messages). And it’s pretty incriminating should you ever wish to report it. (Now, who do I report Obama to?)

Obama’s Infographic. Demonstrating once again his people’s understanding of all things digital, Barack Obama has produced a very pinnable set of infographics outlining what the US ‘Action Plan’ for Climate Change. I ‘m sure he didn’t even have to read our emails to know how much the public loves a good infographic.

Here’s Tilda Swinton showing some Pride. 

Tilda Swinton Russia Gay Pride Rainbow flag

‘In solidarity. From Russia with love,’


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