EG | Social: Early verdict on Pet Shop Boys ‘Elysium’

Screengrab from iTunes showing playcounts of Pet Shop Boys Elysium album

I’ll let my iTunes speak for itself. These figures represent 6 days of listening (apart from Winner and Invisible of course).

(i.e. It’s an utter triumph)

EG | Social: New Pet Shop Boys album, ‘Elysium’, sounding pretty fantastic actually.

Pet Shop Boys Elysium album coverSomeone has put together snippets from the tracks we haven’t yet heard from forthcoming Pet Shop Boys’ album, Elysium.

Producer Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Drake, fun.) has sprinkled some proper magic dust and the album sounds like Behaviour Part II i.e. superb.

‘Memory of the Future’ sounds particularly epic.


EG | Social: Pet Shop Boys: Winner [Video. Now with added London Rollergirls]

I think the director wanted to make a short film about a transgendered person in a women’s Roller Derby which just happened to be the length of the Pet Shop Boys new single. It’s a good short film, but not a very good Pet Shop Boys video.

sorry but i don’t see how some people get jobs. If whoever classes themselves as a director having put out that effort, there is hope for everyone. There is nothing good about it at all. Nothing fits. Nothing makes sense. I can’t believe EMI have accepted that.

People expect to see some fit rollergirls and instead we get this?! No real action, no real bruises, just some roller girls pussyfooting around each other and a ropey transvestite in the middle. Not to mention you can barely hear the song. Okay, I give up

I may have to pull a StevePSB and distance myself from the boys unless I get too emotionally upset in a very whateverman way about the dilution of the back catalogue.

Just saw this Winner video – it made me physically ill.

Reactions from the Pet Shop Boys Community.

Nonsense. It’s superb.




EDIT: Video produced by London agency Surrender Monkeys, who did a rather disturbing (but clever) video for the Kooks and also this bit of World Cup virality.

EG | Social: Daddy’s mp3reets: Gypsy & The Cat/Dublin Aunts, Susanne Sundfør, The Hidden Cameras vs Pet Shop Boys

1. The Piper’s Song (Dublin Aunts Remix)- Gypsy & The Cat

Neither from Dublin or indeed Aunts.

I first rattled on about these chaps back in July last year. Since then, they’ve released one fantastic album, generated ‘buzz’ and are currently supporting Kylie on tour! Here is one of the standout tracks on Gilgamesh remixed by Melbourne outfit, the misleadingly-titled Dublin Aunts.

Gypsy & The Cat Official Site

Dublin Aunts on Facebook

2. The Brother (Uphill Racer Remix)- Susanne Sundfør

Far less moody looking than track suggests

I think I heard the haunting original version of this on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show a few months ago. It froze me to the spot. For some perverse reason it’s not available in the UK to download (yet?) but she’s had a remix competition and here is the winner.

Susanne Sundfør Official Site

Uphill Racer Official Site

3. Colour Of A Man (Pet Shop Boys Remix) - The Hidden Cameras

I think about half of them are missing.

One of the best live acts I’ve ever seen remixed by, well, you know how I feel about PSB. That said, I do think that PSB make for slightly anaemic remixes and this is a bit wispy. The thinness allows the poppy hooks of the track to emerge a little more clearly than the original version which is a tad cluttered takes a while to reveal itself.

The Hidden Cameras Official Site

Pet Shop Boys Official Site

EG | Social: Playing to their Strengths: Pet Shop Boys do the ballet

The ballet is a 15th century invention which has meant very little to me other than strange stirrings as a youth when some tights-wearing dancer threatened to take someone’s eye out with his manbits as he leapt about to Tchaikovsky. To paraphrase Moz, I had to say that ballet said nothing to me about my life so I settled for the cheap pop thrills that later lead to more complex pop thrills. Dance does not figure.

Pet Shop Boys are no strangers to either cheap or complex pop thrills which is why they continue to reward attention some 25 years after West End Girls hit no. 1. As pop’s brainy elder statesmen, they’ve been sticking their fingers into all sorts of cultural pies with varying results. Their core characteristics remain consistent throughout: electronic dance pop with aspiration: “Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat”.

Their clumsy musical Closer to Heaven was a rare stinker but their 2004 soundtrack to 1925 silent film Battleship Potemkin was rather better executed and received. Still, I learned of their foray into the ballet with a mixture of apathy and dread. I booked tickets anyway. Sadler’s Wells is a delightful place and a mere 15 mins walk. What the hell.

I need not mention that I am an avid fan of the PSB. A friend described me as follows in an email this morning: “I suspect that if they sat there throwing toddlers at a cheese grate you would still love it, you PSB whore you.” I agree (but then again what artist could fail to impress with such a routine?)

The Most Incredible Thing is a piece based on a late short story by Hans Christian Anderson, scored by Tennant & Lowe with choreography by Javier De Frutos (who said in a post show Q&A last night that it was the first time he had worked with composers who were not dead).

Javier De Frutos

The thing works very very well. PSB play to their strengths – pulsing beats, synths and proper melodic hooks. The choreography (not that I know anything about it) seemed emotional and often mesmerising. The special effects (most notably the astonishing clock sequence in Act II) were beautiful and, yes, incredible. It wasn’t all perfect: at times I had no idea what was going on (and I had read the story), there is no need for two intervals, and the ending was a little anticlimactic.

So, I was exhilarated by a ballet after all these years. How did that happen? My theory is that at least part of it wasn’t alien allowing me to more easily appreciate the unfamiliar. After 25 years of PSB soundtracking my life, the 4/4 electronics are signifiers I don’t need to work hard on to understand (unlike, say, classical music). I could pay more attention to the dance; I had an ‘in’.

De Frutos & Pet Shop Boys take questions from the audience.

The previous show I saw at Sadler’s Wells was Rufus Wainwright’s opera Prima Donna. Rufus would be up there with PSB as one of my more cherished artists and I think he is ridiculously talented, but his opera wasn’t great. Unlike PSB, Rufus seemed to sacrifice his stellar abilities as a producer of huge, melodic ‘Baroque’ pop and instead wrote a fiddly, stilted ‘traditional’ opera. (Quite how he could write an opera about a fading diva and not include at least four outrageously epic arias is beyond me.)

Pet Shop Boys remembered their core competencies of dance and ambition and have opened a very enjoyable gateway the ballet for anyone else who needs an introduction. It’s sold out at Sadler’s Wells but I suspect it will be back.

(Oh and while there’s no ‘hamster-stuffed-down-tights’ bouncing about, there are plenty of attractive men – and women- with tight clothing should you need further enticing).

The Most Incredible Thing runs at Sadlers Wells until 26th March and is sold out.

The music is available for download or in a very handsomely-bound double CD with booklet.

EG | Social: Pet Shop Boys Contrarily: Trunk Guy vs Daddy or Chips?

Ultimate Pet Shop Boys is in the shops and while it’s certainly an all killer-no filler synopsis of their impressive chart career since 1985, there’s so much more to explore. Inspired by ChartRigger’s alternative list of non-singles, Keith (Trunk Guy) invited me to join him in selecting our favourite album and bonus tracks. And there’s a Spotify list of most of ‘em too.

Over to Keith:

As you can see from what follows; we didn’t manage just 20 tracks, nor did we manage to agree on our opinions of the songs we shortlisted.

I think this is testament of the music, musicality, style, lyrics and musicianship of Neil and Chris that they can create such a huge volume of work. I also find it interesting that we can create such a list of released songs that most people would not have heard of.

Ultimate is a great body of work for those who are aware of popular singles but I hope our list gives an insight into other great work produced by Neil and Chris.

I hope you find our list fun and informative, it’s purely our creation – feel free to drop us a line if you have a different opinion or other suggestions!

The List

Kings Cross

Enda: Bizarrely this predates the Kings Cross fire. When I started working backwards from Very, this track immediately grabbed me with its soaring, melancholic arrangement. There was no one else in pop (I felt) with such ambition and such style.

Keith: Sad, atmospheric, historical and captures just the right spirit – I remember growing up around all the unrest in the 80’s and remember when the Kings Cross tube disaster happened (which my hubby could have been involved in if he was a couple minutes later) – this is just a fantastic capture of a particular moment in time.

Two divided by zero

Keith: Any track that features my favourite toy (Speak and Spell) has to feature – it’s also a great story which I am sure is relevant to a lot of people – wanting to run away, saying goodbye to what they know and starting their lives anew.  It’s kind of what I did as I came out and moved away from home.

Enda: I’m ambivalent about this one. But I’m pretty ambivalent about their first two albums in general. That said, I enjoyed hearing this and some other overlooked tracks on the Pandemonium tour.


Keith: Contains the best pop lyric ever:

Just for the sake of it
Make sure you’re always frowning.
It shows the world, that you’ve got substance and depth

Wonderfully witty and very observant track that I feel no one else could write or sing without people taking them seriously.

Enda: This was a dig at Morrissey, wasn’t it?

Your funny uncle

Keith:  Observing the funeral of a young man through the eyes of his friends and his older uncle. Classic PSB storyline and very emotional for a track that is only 2:18.”

Enda: Stately and poignant. A beautiful track.

Former enfant terrible

Keith:  On first listen I hated this but it grew on me and I am sure it’s Neil’s wonderful lyrics – no one else could come up with a song like this – it’s such a great capture of today’s culture and how celebs fall from grace and the lengths they have to go to to get back into the public eye – a great representation of the Big Brother generation.”

Enda: While I don’t hate this, I haven’t moved on to your level of acceptance as yet. That said, it’s very recent so it may take a while to absorb. I can say that the lyrics are clever (as ever), a tad bitchy (which doesn’t always suit them) and perhaps lacking something melodically. It’s The sound of the atom splitting part 2 methinks.

Violence (Hacienda version)

Keith: Original version used to pass me by but this version is superb – poignant and well written – a classic!

Enda: One that’s grown on me a lot over the years. It’s subtly insidious, nagging away at your brain before you realise it’s taken up residence from within and is claiming squatters rights.

Hey headmaster

Keith:  A great autobiographical song that perfectly documents the life of a school headmaster, wanting to teach children who don’t want to learn.  Wanting to expand and use his knowledge but being restricted by the career he has chosen.  It was also featured in the play for the History Boys and fits the story perfectly.

Enda: Love it. A snapshot of what it might be like for the dedicated teacher who has his (gay) private life forcibly kept apart from his profession. In Ireland, the Catholic Church run most schools and managed to get an exemption from our otherwise robust equality laws so that gay teachers could be fired for not upholding the ‘ethos’ of the institution. What a crock.

We all feel better in the dark

Keith:  The perfect antidote to Being boring (not that it needs one).  The two tracks combined make the best single A and B side ever.

Enda: I really like the Balearic mix of this. At my fantasy Ibiza beach party, I’d squeeze that into my set somewhere.

We came from outer space

Keith:  I hate Very but love Relentless and this is the one track that is always in my head!

Enda: Relentless holds up very well for an album of ‘throwaway’ instrumentals. I like it when they let loose and experiment (which is perhaps why I’ve chosen so many non-album tracks).

The view from your balcony

Keith:  The depiction of London, the story of the council estate and living in the City; not as romantic as my original thoughts but this captures the spirit of London and what you find when you get here.

Enda: When I first started dating my Londoner and visiting London, this got some additional resonance. I tend to forget that even though neither Neil nor Chris are Londoners, Pet Shop Boys are a very London act.

The Sodom and Gomorrah Show

Keith: Another great story of the nation and the obsession with celebs and television – It SHOULD have been a single but Parlophone were too scared to release it – it would have done better than I’m With Stupid I am sure.  The fairground freaks me out and I love the line in the background at the end: “Sun Sex Sin Death and Destruction”.

Enda: A great lost single for sure. They do this quite often lately – Did you see me coming rather than Pandemonium?


Keith:  Ha ha ha!  Chaos!  Noise!  Abandon!  A great short piece which captured the spirit of Closer to Heaven (the play) in 2:48 – could have had so many remixes

Enda: Next!


Keith:  PSB like to write about celebs and new money and this was the precursor to tracks like Sodom, Flamboyant etc but this is the best.

Enda: I loved this when I discovered it on Alternative, but the musical killed it for me. I’m not one for musicals and Closer To Heaven just didn’t work for me at all. It also shows their kinda bitchy streak (How can you expect to be taken seriously, Yesterday when I was mad etc) which I think is a waste of their talent.


Keith:  Long and full of nonsense lyrics yet as ever Neil and Chris make it work – I love it.

Enda: I applaud the ambition and the daring of including this on such a poppy album, but I’m not sure it works.

In the night

Keith:  This defines a generation – a Britain (or world) obsessed with fashion labels and it became a parody of itself as it was used as the theme tune for “The Clothes Show” which I loved to watch as a kid (how did I now know I was gay then!?).

Enda: Thankfully, this did become the single and hit it deserved to be. ” (EDIT: As outoutout correctly points out in the comments, In the night was never a single. I was thinking of Paninaro!)


Keith:  Any song where you get to sing is brilliant – and the mix with Minimal at the last tour was classic.  I think this and Opportunities is the tracks used more in VT on TV.

Enda: At the time, the satire was lost on me, but now this is one of the relatively few early PSB tracks I go back to. And yes, the mix with Minimal was inspired!

Hit and miss

Enda: PSB are a remarkable b-side act. This track is from the astonishingly good run of extra tracks from the Bilingual era. Quite why they would choose the pretty weak Electricity or Happiness is an option for the album instead of almost any of the extra tracks is beyond me. Hit and miss is the usual grown up, wistful, Happy-Sad PSB tracks. (EDIT: Happiness is an option is of course on Nightlife. Thanks again outoutout!)

Keith: Don’t hate it.  Don’t like it.


Enda: When PSB choose the right producers, they make their best work. This track with Richard X is contemporary, smart and muscular. Controversial subject matter too (Suicide bombers? Forbidden lovers? Both?). I do like it when they make good on the Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat stuff.”

Keith: Very uplifting and a great party track – hmm maybe I should consider this one…  It does give you the energy to proceed, to look at your life, to seize the moment.  Good choice.

The boy who couldn’t keep his clothes on

Enda: Another Bilingual era track. I was hanging around with a Latin American set at the time and the PSB foray into all things Latin was welcomed, it was also seen with something of a raised eyebrow. My Mexican Ex wasn’t entirely pleased when I Ô’performed’ the “Yo Louis…’ bit! ‘All yo’ posse gonna know tomorrow!”

Keith: When growing up I used to dance and I was regional/UK champ for a while (something until now I have kept under my hat).  I didn’t go clubbing until around the time I came out and this just captures the energy of clubbing and nights out.  It’s also very relevant to me as a straight friend of mine always used to take his top off (he didn’t have the best body), his girlfriend always used to tell him off.  I like the humour of this.”

It couldn’t happen here

Enda: Yep, this and Kings Cross are cut of the same cloth but this is even more dramatic. The film was, em, special and I think I even managed an whole 10 minutes of it.

Keith:  This moves me as much as King’s Cross and really hits of the drama and the emotion of the storyline.  It also reminds me of the film (which was terrible).  This is on my ‘melancholy” playlist!”


Enda: I’m astonished at Keith’s appraisal as I find this poignant, delicate and yet another great example of how PSB make superb grown up pop. It’s amazing how they can go from cringe-inducing (The night I fell in love) to this sublime track. It’s also amazing how they chose the former for Release over this, but anyway…

Keith:  No sorry – hate this – it’s a real low point for me on Release.  Sorry Enda – sticking by my views on this one I am afraid!

My October symphony

Keith:  My autumnal song – a song that documents the perfect English year, captured with the spirit of government and our very English need to stop ourselves from having any fun.  Humorous, truthful and very insightful track.

Enda: This was something of a slow burner for me. While Behaviour overall is one of their strongest albums, I felt this lacked a little in the production. I’ve since realised that I am a fool who should not be given any credence about anything. Gorgeous.

A little black dress

Enda: Unreleased (as yet) and with a great rocky T Rex sample. I particularly love the humourous lyrics:

Is another word for depressed
For which post-feminism
Prescribes you a little black dress

A perfect track for when you metaphorically (or otherwise) feel like sporting a little black dress.

Keith: Do. Not. Like!

The resurrectionist

Enda: Whenever friends dismiss PSB as 80s has-beens, I attempt to describe this track. It’s from the Fundamental era; it’s a extra track; it was inspired by … Oh I can’t explain it, let Uber fan Dr Wayne Studer do it instead:”

It was inspired, according to Neil, by Sarah Wise’s 2004 book The Italian Boy: Murder and Graverobbing in 1830s London, itself based on an actual historical criminal case. The song takes its title from a darkly humorous nickname given to nineteenth-century graverobbers who supplied medical schools with cadavers: ‘resurrectionists’.

Over to you, Erasure…

Keith:  This is a song only Neil Tennant could write.  It does capture the spirit of Victorian Britain wonderfully and I do like the geographical nature of the song (especially as I work around most of the places). I simply don’t feel it ends well – I know that’s the point but it annoys me.”

No time for tears

Keith:  I honestly have forgotten about this song – it makes no impression on me whatsoever.

Enda: Another classy, elegiac PSB track and the only real pop song as such on the Battleship Potempkin soundtrack. I believe this was considered as a potential single back in the day. It would have flopped, but it’s still lovely.

Young offender

Enda: This takes Very into ‘almost classic’ territory. The scenario of older man with younger lover set to an intense thumping electronic loop. The Jam & Spoon remix builds greater tension, released with the beautifully sad instrumental synth strings that repeat to fade…

Keith:  A classic and probably one of the best songs on Very (my least favourite album believe it or not) – lots of energy which captures the character perfectly but I does tend to just loop a lot – jury is out on this one.”

Try it (I’m in live with a married man)

Keith:  Brilliant song – one I shouldn’t sing but can sing as I am a married man married to a man! Typical PSB humour here.”

Enda: Hmm, it works on so many levels… This is so PSB that I didn’t realise it was a cover of a 1983 Bobby O track. The original was sung by a woman. The boys didn’t change any pronouns. The brats…”

The calm before the storm

Enda: Yet another nugget from the Bilingual era. Very English, very pastoral. ”

Keith:  Nope – sorry another one that passed me by (and also passed by my iTunes collection obviously!)

Birthday boy

Keith:  Another low point on Release for me – is it about Jesus?  It just drags it’s knuckles… Sorry!

Enda: It’s about Jesus but also other ‘martyrs’ such as Stephen Lawrence and Mathew Shepherd, both high profile victims of hate crime. It does plod somewhat, but – irony alert – it gives Neil’s vocal range a good stretch. I do like how it fades away with a sample from one of my favourite carols, In the Bleak Midwinter.

The way it used to be

Keith:  Most of Yes is brilliant and so is this – fantastic lyrics, great melody, wonderful story but it’s over shadowed by other work on Yes.

Enda: It is indeed brilliant etc but the other way round on the overshadowing – this track overshadows everything else on Yes. Modern, sophisticated, smart; this reminds me of particularly good late-Abba meet particularly good early New Order. Demonstrating yet again that the right collaborators can bring the best out of them, at a stroke, this went into my Top 3 PSB tracks ever.

Positive role model

Keith : Brilliant – Barry White and the Pet Shop Boys – all summed up by a troubled teenager coming to terms with his sexuality – this SO should have been a single and a club hit.

Enda: We agree completely on this. Disco 3 is a fantastic collection looking back. This would have been Top 10, no?

(Hang on I said I liked it, doesn’t mean I like Disco 3!  – Keith)


Enda: Spacey synthy goodness. Turn it up loud as the loudness will mask the fairly ordinary structure of the track. After all, it can’t always be clever clogs references; sometimes they just aim for your feet.

Keith:  No no no – I LOVE Nightlife but this always sounds like a filler – it also makes me feel like a track cut from Bilingual.”

Bright young things

Keith:  Hmmm Don’t like the beginning of the track and it just, to me, seems positively angry – Neil doing hard dance in this format doesn’t seem to work.

Enda: Actually, I’ve gone off this again. (Must I be consistent? :D )

(LOL – Keith!)

A new life

Enda: Ah, the b side to What have I done to deserve this? I remember buying this as a ‘cassingle’ and playing it over and over. Despite the production being rather of its time, there exists a deceptively strong track underneath.

Keith:  I always skip this track but when I do play it I listen to it completely – not sure what to make of it to be honest.

For your own good

Keith:  Brilliant concert opener – I remember seeing this tour a couple times and this matched with the 3D spinning heads was awesome – it really puts you in the mood to party and sets the tone for Nightlife.

Enda: Agreed. A absolute belter of an album opener produced by Rollo. Epic, anthemic stadium house. It suited them entirely.

Up and down

Keith:  I think this is one of the most energetic songs that have written in a while and think it should have featured on Yes.

Enda: Faint whiff of filler about this one for me! (How very dare you! – Keith)

And finally:


Keith: We both forgot this one and we nearly regretted not including it – stunning song, brilliant lyrics and quite emotive – a true classic.

EG | Social: Pet Shop Boys Live in the 02!

It’s gig time and tomorrow night I see the Pets for the fourth time live in concert.

The first time was in 1999 in The Point in Dublin (now reborn as the O2 incidentally) avec the Mexican Ex (henceforth known as t’ExMex). It wasn’t a sellout and they barely filled half the venue. Oopsies! They were pretty good though.

The second time was in London at the Astoria (RIP) for their Release tour. Again with t’ExMex. Amazingly that was my first ever visit to London, where I now live! ‘Acoustic’ and great atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2007 and a Hallowe’en gig back in Dublin. Are we not jolly. Gig was great but a slight bit lifeless at times. Still, we looked utterly deranged in our outfits, no?

And now it’s time to see them in the monster venue of the o2. 16,000 sellout it appears. Who would have thought, eh?

I’ve heard no reports of the gigs so far, but the vids on YouTube at least look impressive. The Boys themselves are a bit grouchy about people making shaky video recordings on phones and Flips (hee hee), but we shall forgive them as they are getting on and no doubt a bit precious. (They have embraced Twitter though, which is pretty impressive.)

So, just to annoy them, here’s The Way It Used To Be and Jealousy from Moscow.

EG | Social: Discussion between Pet Shop Boys and Parlophone about ‘strategy’


PSB: “We hope you like our new direction! Guitars!”

Parlophone: “Love it! What do you want as first single?” {Please say Home and Dry}

PSB: “Home and Dry”

Parl: “Yay! This is why we love you guys; you still have your finger on the pulse. And for the video…?”

PSB: “About that...”


PSB: “Hi guys! Album time again. This time, we think that…”

Parl: “You think nothing. This time we talk, you listen. No rats, no poncy boring youths being androgenous. This time the first single will be ‘I’m With Stupid’ and you shall make a proper video with the Little Britain guys because the punters love them. Not rats.”

PSB: “Um, ok. But we choose the second single.”

Parl: “Fine, but you will have a budget of about £65 for the video (no rats)”


PSB: “Hi guys! We’ve gone all pop again. AND it’s our turn to choose first single and the video!”

Parl: “Shit. OK, but we get to choose the second single and remember not to spend too much money on the video. And no frigging rats.”

PSB: “Deal! Oh, and we’ll put Did You See Me Coming? on the b side and give it away for free with the Mail on Sunday

Parl: “Um…. are you sure….?” [whispers to marketing people] We can still put that out as a single again anyway, right?”

Marketing: “Oh yeah, nobody buys PSB singles except the fans and they’ll buy ANYTHING”

PSB: “What are you talking about over there?”

Parl & Marketing: “Nothing! Love the new specs!”

Did You See Me Coming? is out on 1 June as the 2nd single from Yes. (Despite the fact that it was a b-side to Love Etc, an album track and included on the 2.5 million copies of the PSB CD given away for free with the Mail on Sunday. I’m sure there is logic in this somewhere.)

EG | Social: Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. (HD Video)

And the HD version of the video is on YouTube. There were quite a few leaks (all plugged) so EMI must have decided to release the clip a day early.

With PopArt back in the UK Albums Chart at 19, the Brits, and now this, it looks like PSB might enjoy another successful chart run.

Is this their post-post Imperial phase?

EG | Social: Pet Shop Boys, Brandon Flowers & Lady GaGa @ The Brits

10 years ago on this forum, I suggested that the PSBs were beyond pop and were artists in the most sincere sense of the word. Tonight showcased that in a way that their live shows often do, but this time to a mass audience who never really understood. How gratifying to imagine the heathens finding the whole experience weirdly arcane. The audience at Earl’s Court betrayed all of the body language redolent of the fanbase during Performance in 1991: slack-jawed bemusement. What *are* we watching?  From Drico on Pet Shop Boys Community Message Board


See previous post. Especially No. 5

They rocked. And didn’t the new tracks, Love Etc and All Over The World, sound pretty good too?

(iTunes has 30-second snippets of the new album available now)

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11The Week in Social: Jeweller’s Ring of Ire, Springpad and Julie Feeney Choice nom *AGAIN*
4The Week in Social: Zuckerberg Caught Oversharing, Naughty Record Labels and Elderly Gent Starts/Stops Blogging

21Top 50 of 2012
14The Week in Social: Macho Publisher Seeks Slave, #TateHate and the Big 2012 Round Ups
11New on Twitter: Filter Photos and Updated Profiles
7The Week in Social: Instagram vs Twitter, Driving Doggies and… Al Walser?
5Scarves & Gloves Part 6 (A HappySad Mixtape for Winter)
4Ten Trends for 2013 from JWT Intelligence [Slideshare]
30The Week in Social: Dumb ways to die, iTunes 11 and heartwarming doughnut lady
26A Facebook Cheat Sheet [infographic]
24How We Watch Our Toasters These Days. Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome
23The Week in Social: Movember, Teen Prodigies and #susanalbumparty
22How Often Should I Post? [A properly useful infographic!]
21The Luck Of The Irish (Cyanide & Happiness)
19“More important than algebra”? 6 Things To Teach Students (and yourself) About Social Media
16The Week in Social: #Savita, war on Twitter, and ‘It’s Thanksgiving’
15The Infinite JukeBox Presents Your Favourite Song: Forever
15The Gathering and Savita
9The Week in Social: Facebook being cheeky, disrupting education and your dog’s Twitter account
4How do you make a video go viral?
31“From fans to ‘friends’ into genuine friends” Author Serena Mackesy on Social Networking
28“I earn more from it in a month than in the whole time when Constable were sitting on it” Author Alex Marwood and the tech-resurrection of Serena Mackesy
16RSVP: Ditto’s New Digital Realities, PRICKIMAGE & my collars
15Dandies from the Congo: Look at these threads!
10Social Running Apps and the Kindness of Americans
8Wigs, Final Cut Pro and Serious Lip Sync Action: Organising a tribute video in 7 days
27Amazon Reviews, Wicked Girls and the 90-9-1 Rule
10Finally 200 Facebook Fans – You took your time…
31Fast Company’s 36 Rules of Social Media (and then some)
30“We’re not politicians; we don’t think about legacies” Neil Tennant Interview (RTÉ Radio 1) [audio]
29Early verdict on Pet Shop Boys ‘Elysium’
29Old Spice make (deranged) Muscle Music
29Surprise Olympic Breakout Hit: Public Enemy ‘Harder Than You Think’
25“I favour returning to the moon” RIP Neil Armstrong
23Declaring playlist bankruptcy – lost in a land of infinite choice
22Because The Sound of Arrows are your lady and you are their man [video]
21Hervé is my new – ugh – jam #thisismyjam
18It’s Mix Time! neunundvierzig
16When Your Digital Footprint Has Got Moves Like This, Why Worry?
145 Post-Olympic Chart Winners: Lennon, Elbow, Bush, Sandé and cheeky George Michael
13Gotye’s YouTube Orchestra & Remix Culture
11We ♥ Memes: Prince Charles vs Bubbles Girl now with extra Usain Bolt
11“I wish I was in London, that’s where I wanna be” Thea Gilmore’s London
10New Pet Shop Boys album, ‘Elysium’, sounding pretty fantastic actually.
7Hilarious Alternative Olympic Boat Race Commentary (slightly NSFW) (UPDATE: Back up!)
1‘This is NOT my résumé': How Slideshare got the attention of recruiters
30The Perils of the Social Celebrity (whatever ‘celebrity’ means these days) [slideshare]
28Anatomy of a #FAIL @AidanBurleyMP and Olympic “leftie multicultural crap”
27@PKontheRadio should be #ff’d by the lot of you.
25Adding Hipster Filter | The Truth About Instagram
24And speaking of transpersons in pop videos… Bat For Lashes’ stunning ‘Laura’
23“On no account should anyone print thousands of these and stick them all over London.”
23Pet Shop Boys: Winner [Video. Now with added London Rollergirls]
22Regressive Media is the Future: Perfect Curve’s Digital Strategy (BBC2’s Twenty Twelve)
21Best of #IrishShadesofGrey
21Frank Ocean in The Guardian: ‘Astonishingly subversive’
19London 2012: The Most Social Games Ever? It’s Inevitable.
18The Best Sandwich I’ve Ever Had #tellshell
16The Word Magazine is dead, but… there’s over 10 GB of stuff on my computer that won’t be going anywhere
16Hed Kandi: “Must Try Harder”
13Saint Etienne have got your music, or you have theirs (or something)
13A Who’s Who of Social Media for 2012 (or ‘Look at Pinterest go!)
12Azealia Banks gives away ‘Fantasea’ mixtape
10Frank Ocean takes ‘Channel Orange’ to No. 1
22It’s Mix Time! Tough Aesthetic
4Adam ‘MCA” Yauch: Music for geek and jock alike
17It’s Mix Time! Fine Thing
2Top 40 of 2011: The Top 5

30Top 40 of 2011 : 10 – 6
23Daddy or Chips? Top 40 of 2011: 11-40
7Scarves & Gloves Part 5 (A HappySad Mixtape for Winter)
4It’s Mix Time: Occupy London
6 + Me
271 – 10,000 Tweets
12It’s Mix Time: Dumb Jock
15It’s Mix Time: Space Junk
9Dear punters and salespersons at Whitechapel Market, London…
3Practice 10K run – what happened?
23Apologies: video does not contain sweaty face as promised
21Daddy’s mp3reets: Gypsy & The Cat/Dublin Aunts, Susanne Sundfør, The Hidden Cameras vs Pet Shop Boys
18Look at the *state* of me…. (Training Diary Vid 03)
17I will run through London and try not to throw up if you give me a fiver.
25It’s Mix Time!: Superinjunction
7It’s Mix Time: Asthma Attack
25Playing to their Strengths: Pet Shop Boys do the ballet
19Daddy’s Mp3reets: Foster The People, Kisses, Marc Johnce
5It’s Mix Time: Night People
20Daddy’s mp3reets: Arcade Fire, Rumer, Theophilus London, Bettye Swan, Christian Walz
19How not to prepare puppies for a walk
17Stealing from Scritti Politti, or my ‘leaking’ angst
31It’s Mix Time! Tear Gas
7New Talent: Tennga, Georgia
5100 Things to Watch in 2011

24Daddy or Chips? Top 50 of 2010: Top Ten
21It’s Mix Time! Refudiate – Best of 2010
18Daddy or Chips? Top 50 of 2010: 11-50
18Silent Night: Cage Against The Machine 4′ 33″
17Dammit Julian… xkcd on Wikileaks
1111 Reasons I Like Following You on Twitter
10Straighttalking Irishman in the US explains how his country went down the financial tubes (Very NSFW)
9The Killers ‘Boots’ (have your tissues at the ready)
9Have I listened to music for a whole year in the last five?
3Only because it’s magnificent in its dumbness
25 minutes with Arcade Fire in London
28It’s Mix Time! Scarves & Gloves Part 4 (HappySad music for Winter)
27Reader, I Married Him: Darren Criss
18Little Noise my ass. Paolo Nutini blasts Islington. (Oh, and Rumer) [videos]
14We are NOT getting a puppy!
12Daddy’s mp3reets: Joe Chester, Gypsy & The Cat (again), Toro Y Moi
11Pet Shop Boys Contrarily: Trunk Guy vs Daddy or Chips?
19Hello new Facebook followers…
13It’s Mix Time: Music Matters
10Time lapse photography EXTREME
4Daddy’s mp3reets: El Guincho, Saint Saviour & Kanye West ft. Bon Iver
2Password Reuse (xkcd)
29A random house in Scotland or a metaphor for impermanence
17Why I will not, after all, protest the pope.
15Wait for me! An update on my recent lack of bloggery.
11Album Covers as IKEA Catalogue Pages
7London On High (HD video)
5Elephants on Parade
13Daddy’s mp3reets: Gypsy & The Cat, Gap Band & The Roots do Monsters of Folk
9It’s Mix Time! La Cigala
19Roundup of Astonishing Stuff
3Daddy’s Mp3reets: Sacred Animals, Gayngs, Jay Dabhi
1Reader, I Married Him… Arjun Gupta
29It’s Mix Time! Top Kill
20Hello Mr World
18Cameron’s Black Man Anecdote Silliness
9Malcolm McLaren & The Bales of Hay
2Pope admits error and overturns Church policy
30Ooh, fancy that!
12Just who is downloading these mixes?
10It’s Mix Time: Mental Reservation
9Worthwhile Opportunities for Ex-Boyband Members
26Junk Culture’s Visual Pop & the irrelevance of ethnicity
1Make Up Tips For Having The Sex
21Daddy or Chips? -The Origin
17Lady Cameron
13Google (finally) stick it to China
12Cheap beer in Dublin for the gays
10It’s Mix Time! Crowdsourced
4Official UK Top 20 of 2009

30“Have a baby by me! Be a millionaire!” Favourite Lyrics of 2009
29Daddy or Chips Top 50 of 2009: Part 2 – The Top Ten
28Daddy or Chips Top 50 of 2009: Part 1 – 50-11
19Astounding, Wonderful and Wow: Albums of the 00s
17The 00s Most Surprisingly Metatextual Track: Aserejé
16It’s Mix Time! Scarves & Gloves Part 3
11‘Why I still buy music’ or ‘David Turpin’s quite good, isn’t he?’
10Was this review helpful to you? (Report this) : Best Amazon Reviews Ever
3What Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan *really* meant when he said that gays won’t go to Heaven
1Honky Tonk Angel
25It’s Mix Time! Radio Daddy or Chips Vol. 1
23Mesmorising Book Titles
19Over My Shoulder: Mika & King’s Singers live at Union Chapel
19Hmmm, some anger detected in Ireland…
18Academia vs Business
10Today’s Cock-in-a-Frock: Bishop Janusz Kaleta
3Gay People Can Quote The Bible Too
1Guest Post: Cellular Memory
28Write Badly Well
27Sum by David Eagleman
23wtf My Girl’s Pussy
22I love xkcd (video)
21“What do you think I fought for?” US 86-year-old WWII veteran on gay marriage
20It’s Mix Time! Dark Appetites
17How to make babies
6It’s Mix Time! Elusion
25Delusions and Grandeur
20Crookers: Put Your Hands On Me (feat. Kardinall Offishall)
16How to DJ
15Thank You For The Music: Kylie, Chaka & the Orsa Fiddlers!
14Paddy McAloon BBC Radio 2 Radio Interview
11Daddy’s Mp3reets! Prefab Sprout, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, Siobhan Donaghy
8A Very Yellow Partnership
6Air France: Current Affaires
5Dublin in 3D on Google Earth
2New Basement Jaxx: Feelings Gone feat. Sam Sparro
1419 scams go seriously meta
25Marriage Equality Ireland Ad: Cleverz!
23Cardinal Brady tells us what’s not good for the family (ahem)
20Sand Animation: Ukraine’s Got Talent winner = amazing
19Channelling Patsy Gallant
18“Fiercing harder than Sasha Fierce times infinity…”
14Toby! Tobi! Tobé!
13Homeopathy, Nutritionism = Ridiculous Nonsense
5Mental. Actual Email Exchange with Unnamed Friend
30How to do the Fourth Plinth thing
28New Prefab Sprout: Let There Be Music
22Three more unrelated, but very good for you, songs
21Experimenting with Pod-o-Matic
17Meet GUBU the Clown…
16Flirt by kuriakonz on flickr
15Neko Case: Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
13Brenda Power vs Panti
13It’s Mix Time: Dirty Article
9Proof that the gays won’t applaud just anything at Pride…
2I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party
1This made me LOL (really)
22PSB @ The O2, London: A review [spoilers]
18Pet Shop Boys Live in the 02!
12Empire Of The Sun: Standing On The Shore (HD)
7Brazil Trip Part 1
5Sparkly Poops
5Two Random Pictures and an Absolutely Delicious Dusty Disco Track
30It’s Mix Time: Pure Imagination
27New Abba (kind of): Story Of A Heart
26Powerful: Irish Child Abuse Victim vs Minister for Justice
26Killer Biscuits Wanted for Attempted Murder
24I’m not blocking the view
23New Site* Alert: Inappropriate Soundtracks (* -ish)
21“The Verbiage of Unreason”
19New Site Alert: Look At This Fucking Hipster
15Discussion between Pet Shop Boys and Parlophone about ‘strategy’
13It costs $30,000 to fill my iPod!
13When we started ‘going forward’ that’s when we started going backwards…
12Three unrelated, but very good, songs for you
11Ouch, that’s gotta hurt
9You want controversy, I’ll give you controversy…
8Unsure What to Worship?
6Twitter-ye-why not
4Should I have said hi to Alejandro Escovedo yesterday?
1It’s Friday, Bank Holiday, Kev is visiting, i.e. We Love London
24What’s That Sound? It’s The Sound of Tiga’s Shoes
24Brilliant Sunshine, or ‘that oddly-affecting synth noise’
24Cow-tipping: quite possibly the best thing PSB have ever done?
17The Pope’s a Dope (part 57)
17Robert Webb Flashdance for Comic Relief & Some Fascinating Facts!
13WTF? Picture is Unrelated
6I hear Duffy’s selling Coke…. Amy Winehouse Billboard
6Wow! MGMT’s Kids played on iPhones
27Bishop Richard Williamson’s Apology: A Translation
26Juvenilia or Junk? Random Stuff from Those Boxes at the Back of the Wardrobe
23Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. (HD Video)
21It’s Mix Time! NSFW
19Woman freaking out in Hong Kong airport
19Pet Shop Boys, Brandon Flowers & Lady GaGa @ The Brits
18Five Very Good Reasons Why Pet Shop Boys Are Amazing
9M. Ward Hold Time & Antony and the Johnsons Everglade
6Stuck in Dublin Airport: S’no joke, like
6New Pet Shop Boys single: Love Etc.
4Cool New Thing: Spotify
2Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: London borked
28Cadbury’s Eyebrow Ad
24I’m bored
23Hype! Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion
20Obama Inauguration Speech in Wordle
20Irish Blog Awards Nominations List Out
17“Internet of the Year”: Van Halen vs Microsoft Songsmith
17Now that’s what we called music
16It’s here!! Empire of the Sun We Are The People Video
14I don’t ♥ moving
14New Frock Time! The Galas 2009
14Honesty in Redundancy Letters
13Is this good album art? Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone
112009 Good Year for Music?
10Holy Crap! Now That’s What I Call Music – The First One!
7Irish Blog Awards 09: Time running out to nominate…
6It’s Mix Time! Cool Intentions
6Things we have learned about the A380
2Thailand Diary: Jan 2nd Bye Bye!
1New Year’s Eve in Thailand
1More from Thailand

31Thailand Diary
30Best of 2008: The Top 5
232008 Top Tracks – 10-6! (such a tease!)
20Paddy McAloon & Jimmy Webb: The Highwayman
18Top 40 Tracks 2008 – 20-11
17Top 40 Tracks of 2008 21-40
13It’s Mix Time: Recessionista
9MSNBC asks readers if they are cutting back on holiday spending
8Feist on Sesame Street. Cos it’s nearly Christmas
5Empire Of The Sun BBC Sound Of 2009 Tip
14Obvious Future No. 1: Leona does Snow Patrol…
7The election’s over…
4Ebony & Ivory: The Music
24Ebony & Ivory – Bhangra Remix (yes, you read that right…)
23iTunes Censor ‘Love’ (B******s)
22Sheesh! Are people STILL visiting this post?
20New Empire Of The Sun Remix: We Are The People
19Amazing. Colin Powell endorses Obama.
19Barack Obama is following me…
18More Pundit Kitchen lolz
17McCain and Obama: Quite hilarious actually!
15Palin as President
15Scarily Cool Optical Illusion- try it!
13Shiny things! Irish Web Awards 2008
11Antony & the Johnsons – Another World
9Um, I think that’s enough Photoshop for now…
8A priest with balls. Fo’ real.
8And in other news…
5My Weekend CD Shopping Spree
2My first pencil case…
25More New Empire of the Sun!
24iPod is ALIVE!
24Triangulating the moment one became a gay Pt 26
23It’s Homeopathy; Concentrate!
22New Killers single “Pet Shop Boys meet Johnny Cash”
21Laura Marling was born in 1990! (Oh, and a Lisa Hannigan review of sorts)
17How I mix
13Emmylou Harris in Dublin. The wtf moments – 13 Sept 2008
12The World Outside the USA
11Pundit Kitchen- even more lolz
950,000th Visitor – will it be YOU?
8It’s Mix Time! Louche Attractiveness
3Guv’nor Palin’s been to Ireland!
1Why none of us will ever hold high office
28Who is it?
25Face Your Manga: Cute Cute Cute
23It’s Mix Time! Freemasonry
23Sleepy Jackson are BAAAAACK! (kind of)
21Not finished with Iris just yet…
12Homophobe Belfast MP has great web footprint: a trend emerges…
6It’s Mix Time: The Future of Reputation (chilled house)
4Belfast Pride Gives Joyful Two-Fingers to Homophobic MP Iris Robinson
2Photo taken purely out of medical curiosity (really)
23‘Allo… is it me you’re looking for?’
22LOLcat Wedding
22For itwaseverthus
20LOLiGAG No. 57
19It’s Mix Time: Drink Canada Dry
11Kylie vs Freemasons: It’s G.A.Y.tastic!
9iPhone 3G: Glad ya waited, eh?
2Pitted, so pitted! Dude
1It’s Mix Time! Creepy Treehouse
30C is for Cookie
18Stop downloading my mixes!
13Lisbon Treaty: Ooh!
11Holy Moly! Apple Mac Music Video
10Nuala O’Faolain R.I.P.
9Why don’t people comment?
8Great tits cope well with warming
2Lovely new video from Justice.
30Nerd humour
27Awww…. I
25Weekend Mumps
21Ouch! Mac vs Windows: The Debate Rages (I mean, really RAGES)
20It’s Mix Time!: Even More Unacceptable In the 80s
17Titanic rewrite
15That was fast….. (Joe Chester update!)
11Touch My Me
6Nice Internet Thing: Muxtape
3Yet another stupid, but essential, internet meme
3Enjoy Infinity: Rufus Wainwright’s Ode to Antidote
18This is ace: Kleerup feat. Titiyo ‘Longing for Lullabies’
14I’m off…
7Maybe This Is Not Love. (Joe Chester is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!)
4“I’m Jack Nicholson, and I approve of this message”
1“You love me, you really love me!”
28super extra bonus party Choice Winners!
25Catholics, Jews, Muslims; they just wear you out
24Foggy tracks Eastwall, blue
24No expectations.
19Ok, so it’s a Popculture blog…
10McDonald’s New Advertising Campaign Inspires Mild Sense of Panic
1It’s Mix Time! Digital Immigrants
29How did this happen? Irish Blog Awards!
12Top Tracks of 2007

16Waits for Christmas
8It’s Mix Time! Scarves & Gloves (Winter Special)
21No Music Day
20Tagged by mykel
17Mix Time! Funk You, Beaver!
14These shoes cost three-hundred dollars….
2Lifelong Learner
20Mix Time: Shoreditch Trauma
19Whither Joe Chester?
14Another Nail In…
14The Mercy Drill: Prefab Sprout vs The Drill
9DJ Chuck on the decks (ok, laptop…)
28Pugilistic Tendencies
19Unacceptable in the 80s (slight return)
1720,000 hits
16New Theme
16Mix Time: Unacceptable in the 80s
14WTF?!? Pt 2
8Mykonos Madness on the Way
August to influence the charts?
22New Madonna Track
13Spider Pig
2More lovely ABBA covers
26Mix Time: Nude Techno Dancing
17“What is it, you cnut face?”
12The Day Before You Came
11Rather Good Track No. 321 Di Johnston: Trite
10Work is nuts!
4It’s Mix Time! Half Way Mark
25Not quite Instant Karma vs Normaliser
23Dublin’s finest: Pride 07
9“You have two cows…”
9Something sexy to say in Icelandic
7Mix Time: Moon June School
29Rather Good Track No. 546 Gotye: Heart’s A Mess
29Poland vs. Teletubbies (FFS)
23New Scritti Politti tracks
20Foofus Triumphant!
18I Heart The Onion
15Petition Poland (again….)
29Death of a Nano*
25Downtempo Dance: The 7am Drop
21Dorian Gray
17Bonkers about Honkers 香港
4Back soon…
4Do you know where I’m off to tomorrow?
3Rufus! Town! Rip!
2Outbreak of common sense
24More March Mixing Madness
24YouTube’s raison d’être
23Terrible Twosome
22Siobhan Donaghy in Rather Good Record Shock!
13That Birthday Night In Full (not really)
7Life’s a cnut sometimes…
3Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Let’s Dance!
24England v Ireland
24Polish President AntiGay Remarks Spark Anger During Dublin Visit
22Rufus! Paris! Illness!
14Happy Hallmark Marketing Day!
12Oops, Almost Missed It… Jolly Good Tracks No. 1
31Mix Time: Spring Collection
28Mad Weekend
22Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dancefloor – MIX TIME!
19New Classic: Sally Shapiro * I’ll Be By Your Side
18Batten Down the Hatches!
15UCC Posse 2007
8Meme Time. 5 Things!

22Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006! The Top 5!
21Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006! 10-6!
20Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006! 20-11
18Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006! 30-21
17Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006!
17Best Thread Closer 2006!
17Words cannot express…..
16While we’re at lists….
13Best comment left in a blog 2006
13A Gift.
10Nu Blog Entry from Nu Enda
8End-of-year List Madness: Part 1.
30Autographed Scritti MiniDisc
27Sometimes it’s good to meet your heroes…
16Look at Enda. See Enda Dance. Dance, Enda, Dance.
13More than I bargain for
11Boulder, Colorado
7I’m in Boulder, Colorado…
1Mix Time!
29Some pix from the party
26That Greek song…..
21Taking the PiS
17Is the Polish Prime Minister Gay?
30Green my Apple
29“All music is shit, and none of it is…”
7My iTunes Personality
17Back from Greece!
4London… 5 days in…
29Countdown to London….. 1 DAY LEFT
28Countdown to London…. 2 days left
26Countdown to London…. 5 days
19Some Mixology for you 2: F**k Me, It’s Hot!
19Oooh! I’m in the charts!
18“Spitti wha?”
15I knew it…
5Sooo, THAT’S how it’s done… (SUFJAN STEVENS)
3Proud to be Queer & Muslim
26Panti @ Dublin Pride
18Reasons to love Boy George. 2
18Come on Poland!
16Oh Daddy!
13I was a male stripper in Osaka-town
12Work it, beeatch….
21Keskasay? Saint Etienne vs Right Said Fred
17Reasons to love Boy George. 1
12Daddy or Chips? Let Google decide…
11Good idea. Why don’t I steal it?
9Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…. (Blogs In Their Eyes 1)
5Emma Channing doesn’t really ‘get’ this song…
2Gutted! Great tracks that bombed 1. S.O.S by ABC (1984)
22iTunes To Sell You Your Home Videos For $1.99 Each
17It’s coming….
15What I’m listening to… Guillemots
9Best. Album. Ever. (Maybe) 1. I Trawl the Megahertz – Paddy McAloon (2003)
6Anyone getting that Easter feeling yet?
5Right, seen it all now…..
5Scary Video: Massive Attack Live With Me
31Some Mixology For You
30Oh dear…
28“It’s four in the mornin’…..”
28Coldplay palatable?
25Rodrigo y Gabriela?
24At last! The Guardian agrees with me…
231-3 Sept 2006 – The Blue Nile to play Electric Picnic…
21Microsoft iPod?
20Sexy House Podcast
20Neko Case is Top Of My Pops
18Guardian Triumphant Break Up Tracks
17One day Robbie Williams will cover this man’s songs…
17Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2006
16The g hotel, Galway
15Is that a bandwagon over there? Quick! Jump on it!
13Weekly charts
13Sausages on Sunday Morning
11Brokeback Remix